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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

About Rudolph Travers

Rudolph Travers is a public policy coordinator with the New Jersey based American Liberia Public Affairs Committee (ALPAC) a non-profit organization with a global focus on the development of effective public policy. He is also the author of Patriotic Leadership: The Pathway To Democracy And Opportunity. Mr. Travers is also a former presidential candidate who ran for president in Liberia. He has seen first hand how to win an election and how to lose one. That is why it has become his mission to train future political leaders on what it takes to win a seat in an official office and what it takes to make sure that the office that is won will benefit the people who voted the officer in. He has a special interest in Liberia since that is is home country. We have all seen the strife that Liberia has gone through. Mr. Travers wants to make sure that the current leadership is providing the people what they need to move forward in rebuilding the war torn country. Every wee Travers will be bringing political news from around the world so stay tuned! Don't forget to share your thought with Travers.

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